Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bye Bye Freedom

Although tattoos have been around for many years there are still some states that belittle tattoos. Cities within Massachusetts like Cambridge and Boston just passed a new law on tattoos that states that you must be 18 to get a tattoo. This is poposterous because for the longest time 16 year olds with parental consent could get a tattoo and I do not see why parents choices do not matter anymore. It's almost as if the government is slowly but surely trying to control our every move and this is just the beginning. We don't even realize that our freedom is in jeopardy!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Brief info about tattoos

Polynesian Tribal Tattoos
Tattoos have been around for many centuries and have been used for many different things. They are mainly known for their cultural traditions. Within these traditions tattoos have been used for a significant purpose within the culture. Some cultures have even used tattoos in a form of communication between only certain people. Tattoos can also be used as a form to indicate your social status as they did in earlier years. Either way tattoos have always had a significant meaning and were used to express yourself one way or the other.

Traditional tattoos begin to fade in Dagestan by RTnews This video shows that tattoos have played a significant role in keeping people attached to their traditional ways. They use it as a form of communication between themselves and others.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tattoos are always being frowned upon for all of the wrong reasons. Don't get me wrong I understand all the fuss about it reflecting who you are in a negative way but that's where they go wrong. And the permanent mark on your body that can never be removed. Some people think it is a form of rebellion of some sort which is just absolutely wrong. But in fact tattoos reflect who you are in a positive way because it represents who you are through your eyes and no one else’s.

It interests me to see how people express themselves by what they choose to get as a tattoo. Everything means something to someone so I don't understand why people talk bad about people with tattoos if it's just their way to express themselves. Everyone should be allowed to do with their life as they please because we all deserve to be happy. And if getting tattoos makes someone happy then people shouldn't judge.